Sydney Bechet – Really The Blues (2018) DSF DSD128 + Hi-Res FLAC

Sydney Bechet – Really The Blues (2018)
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Sidney Bechet was one of the great jazz virtuoso who helped perfect the art of solo improvisations. He ranks perhaps as the second greatest genius in jazz history, after New Orleans’s most celebrated son, Louis Armstrong. The most striking element of Bechet’s playing is his unremitting continuity of invention. It is as if the music is there inside him, already assembled, and he has only to put the soprano saxophone to his mouth for it all to flow forth in a joyous cascade. This is a historic album of recordings made in the late ‘40s. If ever a man qualified as a jazz master it was Bechet.

From the time that Mezz Mezzrow first heard Sidney Bechet playing with the Original New Orleans Creole Jazz Band in Chicago in 1918, he nursed a burning ambition to record with him, inspired by the duets Bechet played with the band’s clarinettist leader, Lawrence Dewey. It took Mezzrow 20 years to realise that ambition, finally achieving his goal when French critic Hugues Panassie? made his recording safari to New York in November 1938. The Mezzrow-Bechet partnership was a conspicuously one-sided match because Mezzrow had nothing like Bechet’s stature as a musician. But he was undoubtedly a good catalyst for Bechet, for whom he had a boundless admiration, and he made no secret of his inability to measure up to Bechet’s almost overpowering virtuosity. The 12 tracks on this album are of later vintage, a selection from the sides that Mezzrow made in the mid-forties when he was president of the King Jazz record company.


01 – Out of the Gallion
02 – Blues of the Roaring Twenties
03 – Tommy’s Blues
04 – Minor Swoon
05 – Jelly Roll
06 – Groovin’ the Minor
07 – Really the Blues: No. 1
08 – Really the Blues: No. 2
09 – Funky Butt
10 – Perdido Street Stomp
11 – Where Am I?
12 – I’m Speaking My Mind

Mezzrow-Bechet Septet:
Milton Mezzrow (clarinet); Sidney Bechet (soprano sax); Oran “Lips” Page (trumpet); Sammy Price (piano); Danny Barker (guitar); George “Pops” Foster (bass); Sidney “Big Sid” Catlett (drums)
Track 4: Minor Swoon – Recorded New York, July 31st, 1945

Mezzrow–Bechet Quintet:
Milton Mezzrow (clarinet); Sidney Bechet (soprano sax); Fitz Weston (piano); George “Pops” Foster (bass); Kaiser Marshall (drums)
Track 5: Jelly Roll / Track 10: Perdido Street Stomp – Recorded in New York, Aug. 29th, 1945
Track 1: Out of the Gallion – Recorded New York Aug. 30th 1945

Mezzrow–Bechet Quintet:
Milton Mezzrow (clarinet); Sidney Bechet (soprano sax., clarinet); Wesley “Sox” Wilson (piano); Wellman Braud (bass); Warren “Baby” Dodds (drums)
Track 7: Really the Blues (Part 1)
Track 8: Really the Blues (Part 2)
Track 6: Groovin’ the Minor
Recorded New York, Sept. 18th 1945

Mezzrow–Bechet Quintet:
Milton Mezzrow (clarinet); Sidney Bechet (soprano sax); Sammy Price (piano); George “Pops” Foster (bass); Kaiser Marshall (drums)
Track 11: Where Am I / Track 3: Tommy’s Blues – Recorded Chicago December 18th, 1947
Track 12: I’m Speaking My Mind – Recorded Chicago December 19th, 1947
Track 9: Funky Butt / Track 2: Blues of Roaring Twenties – Recorded Chicago December 20th, 1947

Contains high-resolution digital transfers of material originating from an analogue master source.
2xHD Mastering: René Laflamme. 2xHD Executive Producer: André Perry.



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