Lyn Stanley – Potions: From The 50’s (2014) DSF DSD64

Lyn Stanley – Potions: From The 50’s (2014)
DSF Stereo DSD64/2.82MHz | Time – 00:59:39 minutes | 2,36 GB | Genre: Jazz
Official Digital Download – Source: AcousticSounds |  © A.T. Music

Lyn Stanley returns with classic song hits of the 1950s — captivating and imaginative

Produced by renowned jazz pianist/composer Kenny Werner

Recorded and mixed by Al Schmitt; mastered by Bernie Grundman

All songs mixed and mastered on analog tape

Download authored direct to DSD from analog tape by Bernie Grundman.

“While there are a plethora of females out there purporting to be jazz singers today, very few can hold a candle to the legends of days gone by. Most are OK, but tend to have a sameness to their interpretations of the songs they choose to sing that borders on the boring. Yet one, and she is a new name to me, who stands out from the same old same old pack of today is jazz singer Lyn Stanley. … What will catch your attention as it did mine was both how she has something new to add to these standards as well as how she seems to have a deep understanding of each song she sings. Another aspect of her singing is that she sounds like a jazz singer, not a pop singer trying to sing jazz. She modulates her tone and phrasing in the same way a tenor sax player would handle his instrument during a solo. This is something lacking in so many of today’s jazz singers. Just listen to her sing ‘I’m Walking’ from her Potions album for a brilliant example of what I’m talking about.

“Sonically, these discs are something very special. Recorded in PCM but mixed in analog and then converted to DSD for release as a Hybrid SACD, there is a richness, a liveness, a realness to the sound of these discs that will fair take your breath away. I don’t what magic Ms. Stanley and her team uses here (and she’s not saying), but the results are such that these may very well be one of (if not the) finest sounding SACDs in my collection. Also, these discs were mastered by the great Bernie Grundman, so you know they’ve received the best possible handling in the critical mastering area. Plus, Ms. Stanley is backed here by the cream of west coast jazz musicians, players like pianist Bill Cunliffe, drummers Joe La Barbera and Jeff Hamilton, guitarist Thom Rotella, bassist Mike Valerio and Kevin Axt among a host of others. And the recording captures each instrument just as you’d be hearing it in the recording studio. Amazing and totally enjoyable. …  These are the discs you’ll be reaching for both to show off your system and for the pure entertainment value. Bravo Lyn Stanley. All I can say is, more please.” — John Crossett, Audio Writer.


1 Lullaby Of Birdland 2:58
2 Cry Me A River 4:03
3 Fly Me To The Moon 3:43
4 Hey There 3:32
5 I’m Walkin’ 2:38
6 You Don’t Know Me 4:38
7 In The Still Of The Night 4:30
8 The Thrill Is Gone 4:43
9 A Summer Place 3:33
10 Love Potion #9 3:29
11 Teach Me Tonight 3:55
12 After The Lights Go Down Low 3:24
13 Misty 5:26
14 The Party’s Over 2:51
15 The Man I Love 6:01

Lyn Stanley: vocals
Kenny Werner, Bill Cunliffe, Mike Lang: piano, keyboards
Johannes Weidermeuller, Mike Valerio: bass
Joe LaBarbera, Ari Hoenig, John Robinson: drums
Glenn Drewes: trumpet, flugelhorn
Thom Rotella: guitar
Rickey Woodward: tenor saxophone
Tom Rainer: clarinet
Luis Conte: percussion

Recorded at Capitol Recording Studios (Hollywood CA), Avatar Studios (NYC, NY), LAFx (Burbank, CA). Mastered by Bernie Grundman, Bernie Grundman Mastering.


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