Arne Domnérus, Bengt Hallberg, Georg Riedel, Egil Johansen + Lars Erstrand – Jazz At The Pawnshop (1977/2013) DSF DSD128

Arne Domnérus, Bengt Hallberg, Georg Riedel, Egil Johansen + Lars Erstrand – Jazz At The Pawnshop (1977/2013)
DSF Stereo DSD128, 1 bit/5,6 MHz | Time – 01:28:24 minutes | 7,00 GB | Genre: Jazz
Official Digital Download – Source: nativeDSDmusic | ©  2xHD

This album, recorded in 1976, has been regarded as “The Best Jazz Recording of the Century” and is known as one of the most famous audiophile records in music. These sessions recorded at club Stampen (Pawnshop) in Stockholm on December 6-7, 1976, by Gert Palmcrantz, have an extaordinary presence and a genuine live feeling.

Essentially, of course, it is all a question of love. Love of roots, origins, a musical habitat. Call it swing or third stream jazz if you want to, or mainstream or traditionalism. Associated with the solid precursors of the 20s, 30s and 40s with Armstrong, Benny Goodman, Bunny Berigan, Coleman Hawkins. Or quite simply with all tunes that were written when it all happened and which long ago planted themselves, legs apart and hands on hips, in the folklore of twentieth century America.

Use which ever words you like. But don’t talk about nostalgia – at least not in the mawkish sense we usually emply the term. For nostalgia – to dedicated musicians, just as to conscious listeners – remains a question of quality, not a matter of annular rings and laments for lost time. We love Frank Sinatra, not because he imbodied middle age, suffering and transitory brilliance but because he happened to be an incomparable vocalist. We were struck dumb by Charlie Pareker, not just because he belonged to the postwar era and our very own decade of the 1940s (as did so many others inferior to him) but because on his way between birth and downfall he contrived to blow a few phrases, the like of which the world had never heard.

Nor, turning to consider this affectionate production, do we love the old songs because they are old, we love them because they are good. They were written at a time when standards were high and when imagination and harmonic inspiration still seemed inexhaustible.

Where in Stockholm should the afficionados forgather if not at Stampen, the former pawnshop in the old city, the music pub that developed into a swedish offshoot of St. Germain-des-Pres?


01 – Limehouse Blues
02 – I’m Confessin’
03 – High Life
04 – Struttin’ with Some Barbeque
05 – Jeep’s Blues
06 – Stuffy
07 – Lady, be Good!: Oh, lady, be good!
08 – Here’s that Rainy Day
09 – Barbados
10 – How High the Moon
11 – Take Five
12 – Everything Happens to Me

Arne Domnérus – Alto Sax, Clarinet
Bengt Hallberg – Piano
Lars Erstrand – Vibes
Georg Riedel – Bass
Egil Johansen – Drums

For the 2xHD transfer of this recording, the original 1/4”, 15-ips CCIR master tape was played on a Nagra IV-S tape recorder – the same model used in the original recording – with a pair of Dolby 361s, using a high end tube preamplifier with OCC silver cables. We did an analogue transfer for each Hi-Rez sampling and A / B comparisons were made with both the original LP, using a Kronos turntable, as well as the best available CD, using a Nagra HD DAC and dCS Vivaldi DAC.

2xHD Mastering: René Laflamme. 2xHD Executive Producer: André Perry.


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