Art Of Noise – Reconstructed… For Your Listening Pleasure (2003) SACD ISO

Art Of Noise – Reconstructed… For Your Listening Pleasure (2003)
PS3 Rip | ISO | SACD DSD/DST64 2.0 & 5.1 > 1-bit/2.8224 MHz | 1:18:55 minutes | Scans included | 4,29 GB
Genre: Modern Classical, Downtempo, Experimental | Recorded: September 1999, March 2000 and June 2002

Trevor Horn has done it again: Inventive and great sounding multichannel mix (Dan Vickers is credited for the 5.1 mix), which you can use to impress your friends and to demonstrate the superior sound of SACD. There are several great moments on this disc, especially the beginning of “Moments in Love”, “Beat Box” or “Peter Gunn”. Your jaws are dropped, but unfortunately this does not always last throughout the whole track. An annoying singing voice or speeding up of the track does not sit well – maybe too inventive or ambitious at times? And there are definetely better tracks from AON, than selected here for this disc. Seeing (and hearing) what can be done with modern sound technology and talent, leaves you wishing for multichannel mixes of other AON masterpieces – for example a serious “reconstruction” of the great “The Best of Art of Noise – Art Works 12” CD from 1988 would be a perfect start.


01. Dreaming: Colour Green 10:12
02. Born An A Sunday 06:54
03. Moments In Love 08:16
04. Rapt: In The Evening Air 08:04
05. Metaforce 03:19
06. On Being Blue 04:45
07. The Holy Egoism Of Genius 07:00
08. Beat Box (Incorporating Close To The Edit) 03:30
09. Peter Gunn 03:28
10. Information 03:00
11. Il Pleure 08:07
12. La Flûte De Pan 02:36
13. Dreaming In Colour 09:44

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