London Symphony Orchestra, Sir Colin Davis – Berlioz: L’Enfance du Christ (2007) DSF DSD64

London Symphony Orchestra, Sir Colin Davis – Berlioz: L’Enfance du Christ (2007)
DSF Stereo DSD64/2.82MHz | Time – 01:36:23 minutes | 3,81 GB | Genre: Classical
Studio Masters, Official Digital Download – Source: nativeDSDmusic | Booklet, Front Cover |  © LSO
Recorded live in DSD, 2 and 3 December 2006 at the Barbican, London

Alone among Berlioz’s major works, L’enfance du Christ came into being not in response to a clear plan but gradually, haphazardly, over a period of several years. One evening in 1850 at a party, while his fellow guests played cards, his friend the architect Joseph-Louis Duc asked him to write something for his album. Berlioz complied: ’I take a scrap of paper and draw a few staves, on which in a little while an Andantino in four parts for organ makes its appearance. I am struck by a certain character of naïve, rustic devoutness in the music and decide to add some words in the same vein. The organ piece disappears and turns into a chorus of Bethlehem shepherds saying goodbye to the child Jesus at the moment when the Holy Family set out on their journey to Egypt.’

Artistic Quality 10 Sound Quality 10 ‘This set is instantly recommendable for Yann Beron’s Narrator. He is quintessentially French and sings with a directness and innocence that suit the story perfectly … Davis’ understanding of Berlioz’s layering of sounds remains unsurpassed … when Berlioz strips the orchestration almost bare the effect is hypnotic. The Tenebrae Choir sings brilliantly at all dynamic levels and with absolute clarity, and in the most pious moments the effect is positively heavenly.’ –


Hector Berlioz (1803-1869)

L’enfance du Christ Op. 25, H130
Première Partie, Le Songe d’Hérode
1 Dans le crèche, en ce temps 1:53
Scene 1
2 Marche Nocturne 8:26
Scene 2
3 Toujours ce rêve! 8:50
Scene 4
4 Les sages de Judée 3:33
5 Les Devins font des évolutions 1:28
6 La voix dit vrai, Seigneur 4:11
Scene 5
7 O mon cher fils 8:20
Scene 6
8 Joseph! Marie! 4:21
Deuxième Partie, La fuite en Égypte
9 Ouverture 6:25
10 The Shephers’ Farewell to the Holy Family 4:32
11 The Holy Family at Rest 6:39
Troisième Partie: L’Arrivée à Saïs
12 Depuis trois jours 3:34
Scene 1
13 Dans cette ville immense 5:25
Scene 2
14 Entrez, pauvres Hébreux 7:37
15 Trio for two flutes and harp 6:23
16 Vous pleurez, jeune mère 4:27
17 Ce fut ainsi que par un infidèle 3:08
18 O mon âme 7:15

William Dazeley baritone – Joseph
Peter Rose bass – Father/Polydorus
Matthew Rose bass – Herod
Karen Cargill mezzo-soprano – Marie
Yann Beuron tenor – The Narrator/Centurion
Tenebrae Choir
London Symphony Orchestra
Sir Colin Davis, conductor


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