Cora Burggraaf, Simon Lepper – Folk Stories – Songs by Beethoven, Britten, Mahler, Respighi, Sibelius a.o. (2012) DSF DSD128

Cora Burggraaf, Simon Lepper – Folk Stories – Songs by Beethoven, Britten, Mahler, Respighi, Sibelius a.o. (2012)
DSF Stereo DSD128/5.64 MHz | Time – 01:03:03 minutes | 4,98 GB | Genre: Classical
Studio Masters, Official Digital Download – Source: nativeDSDmusic | Booklet, Front Cover |  © Challenge Records

Not long ago, I organized a party that some fellow singers came to after a performance in Salzburg. If you are lucky enough that it isn’t raining, the weather can be beautiful in Salzburg, and this was one of those sultry summer evenings. The barbecue worked well, the beer and wine flowed. A few Russian and Ukrainian singers had come and brought their own bottle of vodka. It wasn’t long before they finished it and went on to beer.

It was a long night. At about two, when just a small group was left, the singing finally began. (It takes a while before a singer will spontaneously break out in song. If you ask a professional singer to “Sing something for us”, you’re not likely to get your wish. It must be some sort of professional deformity.) First came the national anthems. Then the Ukrainian singer began to sing — with full voice and total devotion – other folk songs from his country, and soon his wife joined in. Everyone sat in silence, listening.

The melancholy of the music took hold of the listeners and even the singer himself. Maybe it had to do with the feeling of nostalgia that singing folk songs evokes, the feeling that you belong somewhere? Or maybe it was the straightfoward and simple presentation of the songs. In any case, they fitted in perfectly — in the wee hours of the morning and with empty bottles surrounding us.


01 – Spoken folk text- A Sprig of Thyme
02 – Volks-Kinderlieder- No. 13 Marienwrmchen
03 – Deutsche Volkslieder- No. 6 Da unten im Tale
04 – Irish Folksongs WoO 153- No. 6 Sad and luckless
05 – Irish Folksongs WoO 152- No. 1 The Return to Ulster
06 – Irish Folksongs WoO 152- No. 11 Thou Emblem of Faith
07 – Irish Folksongs WoO 152- No. 8 Come draw we round
08 – Des Knaben Wunderhorn- No. 4 Wer hat dies Liedlein erdacht
09 – Des Knaben Wunderhorn- No.10 Lob des hohen Verstandes
10 – The Plough Boy
11 – O Waly, Waly
12 – The bonny Earl o’ Moray
13 – Il est quelqu’un sur terre
14 – Quand j’tais chez mon pre
15 – Quattro liriche- No, non morto il figlio tuo
16 – Quattro liriche- La mamma come il pane caldo
17 – Quattro liriche- Io sono il madre
18 – 20 Hungarian Folksongs- No. 2 Rgi keserves
19 – 8 Hungarian Folksongs- No. 3 Aszszonyok, aszszonyok
20 – 8 Hungarian Folksongs- No. 2 Istenem, istenem
21 – 8 Hungarian Folksongs- No. 5 Ha kimegyek arr a magos tetre
22 – Five Songs, Op. 37- No. 1 Den forsta kyssen
23 – Six Songs, Op. 36- No. 4 Sv, sv, susa
24 – Five Songs, Op. 37- No. 5 Flickan kom ifrn sin lsklings mte
25 – Ketelbinkie


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