Akta Spelman – Swedish Fiddle Music (2002) MCH SACD ISO + Hi-Res FLAC

Akta Spelman – Swedish Fiddle Music (2002)
SACD Rip | SACD ISO | DST64 2.0 & 5.0 > 1-bit/2.8224 MHz | 47:02 minutes | Front/Rear Covers | 2,52 GB
or FLAC 2.0 Stereo (converted with foobar2000 to tracks) 24bit/96 kHz | Front/Rear Covers | 1,06 GB
Features Stereo and Multichannel Surround Sound | Genre: Classical

Now for something completely different! Äkta (ék tuh), a Swedish word meaning “genuine” or “true”, is the name of this fiddle ensemble from Minnesota dedicated to the keeping of traditional Swedish music. That’s what we have here – three folk fiddlers, a guitarist and a bassist – genuine Swedish folk musicians, except they are young Americans who when asked if they wanted to dress up in traditional costumes for the cover photo answered in unison, “NO!” They learned the music the traditional way, by listening and playing every week at Swedish gatherings. They have also performed at an annual National Folk Festival in Michigan. There are 17 short tracks here, many of them polkas, with a march and a couple waltzes. The musical skills of these amateurs are apparent, and the clarity and realism of the multichannel recording helps pick out the individual instruments and immerse yourself in the music. However, not being Swedish myself or heavily into traditional music, I found the tunes, rhythms and key signatures all very similar from one track to another and became a little too immersed before getting to the end of the disc.


01. Vals (av Anders Säbb)
02. Polska mit trötthet (Polska Against Tiredness)
03. Polska (av Viksta Lasse)
04. Trapp Valsen (av Pers Erik)
05. Östbjörka Visa
06. Ekopolskan
07. Gånglåt (av Elg Anders)
08. Vals (av Hans Börtas)
09. Gånglåt (av Selim Bengtlars)
10. Mårtamosgubben
11. Polska (efter Perols Gudmund)
12. Brudpolska (Bride’s Polska) (efter Blank Anders)
13. Schottis (av Tommy Runesson)
14. Polska (av Karl Karlström)
15. Kungs Marschen (King’s March) (av Hans Ehrling)
16. Hymn Set
17. Jubileums Vals (av Anders Säbb)







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