Alfredo Marcucci, Ensemble Piacevole – Touched By Tango (2002) MCH SACD ISO

Alfredo Marcucci, Ensemble Piacevole – Touched By Tango (2002)
SACD Rip | SACD ISO | DST64 2.0 / 5.0 > 1-bit/2.8224 MHz | 1:02:22 minutes | Full Scans included | 3,73 GB
Genre: Classical Chamber, Tango| Publisher (label): PentaTone classics – PTC 472 321-2

Piazzolla means Tango to most people; but that goes both ways: anyone who said tango in the last 20 years immediately evoked associations with Piazzolla, & rightly so, even though it was not always so. Of course the tango has a much wider historical meaning; of course there now exists a tango beyond Piazzolla; but if anyone was worthy to put the tango on the musical map of the world (or, more fashionably on the world music map) then it was this difficult, short-tempered, obstinate, capricious wanderer, Astor Piazzolla…..

Touched by Tango by Alfredo Marcucci was released Jun 11, 2002 on the Channel Classics label. It was recorded at Mont Guibert, Belgium on July 2001. Alfredo Marcucci (Buenos Aires, 1930 – Landen, 2010), master Argentinian Bandoneуn player, was taught by his uncle, the great Bandoneуn player Carlos

Audaud review:
The Ensemble Piacevole is basically a string quartet joined by a bassist & they specialized in expanding the traditional classical repertory. They hooked up with an Argentine bandoneon player living in Belgium. This album, inspired by the transformation of the tango form created by the late Astor Piazzolla, was the result. It was recorded in Belgium. Piazzolla achieved for the tango the harmonic, melodic & emotional freedoms achieved by jazz much earlier. Five of the selections on this disc are by Piazzolla – thankfully avoiding his most-played pieces – & 2 of the others are from bandoneonist Marcucci. Piazzolla’s Five Tango Sensations, commissioned by the Kronos Quartet (& the tango master’s last recording before his death in 1992), is included. There are also 2 short tracks from another noted Argentine tango composer-performer, Francisco de Caro. The string quintet has a larger sound than one would associated with only 5 players, & in surround vs. the stereo mix they sound larger yet, plus being placed realistically within a substantial venue’s space.
– John Sunier

The Belgian string ensemble Piacevole, a classical group curious about the expansion of their traditional repertoire, contacted Alfredo Marcucci, a Belgian who was born in Buenos Aires in 1930 & who is intimately familiar with tango music. The result of the pairing was the 1997 release Timeless Tango, which immediately attracted international attention. Here is the sequel, with the group performing Marcucci’s works, as well as those by foremost tango master Astor Piazzolla.


1. Lo Que Vendra 3:59
2. Tango I 6:33
3. Tango II 4:09
4. Esta Noche 2:54
5. Triunfal 2:49
6. Un Poema 2:11
7. Los Paraguas De Buenos Aires 3:42
8. Ideal 2:24
9. Aires Espanoles 4:31
10. Five Tangos Sensations. Asleep 4:58
11. Five Tangos Sensations. Loving 5:18
12. Five Tangos Sensations. Anxiety 4:59
13. Five Tangos Sensations. Despertar 6:12
14. Five Tangos Sensations. Fear 4:07
15. Taquito Militar 2:43

Alfredo Marcucci – bandoneon
Ensemble Piacevole:
Nico Baltussen, Gudrun Vercampt – violin
Yves Cortvrint – viola
Luc Dewez – violoncello
Ludo Joly – double bass


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