Depeche Mode – Speak & Spell (1981) [DMCD1 – Remaster 2006] MCH SACD ISO + Hi-Res FLAC

Depeche Mode – Speak & Spell (1981) [DMCD1 – Remaster 2006]
PS3 Rip | ISO | SACD DST64 2.0 & 5.1 > 1-bit/2.8224 MHz | 43:18 minutes | Scans included | 2,92 GB
or FLAC 2.0 Stereo (converted with foobar2000 to tracks) 24bit/88,2 kHz | 43:48 mins | Scans included | 855 MB

Speak & Spell is the debut album by the English electronic band Depeche Mode, recorded and released in 1981. The album peaked at number 10 in the UK Albums Chart.

Though probably nobody fully appreciated it at the time — perhaps least of all the band! — Depeche Mode’s debut is at once both a conservative, functional pop record and a groundbreaking release. While various synth pioneers had come before — Gary Numan, early Human League, late-’70s Euro-disco, and above all Kraftwerk all had clear influence on Speak & Spell — Depeche became the undisputed founder of straight-up synth pop with the album’s 11 songs, light, hooky, and danceable numbers about love, life, and clubs. For all the claims about “dated” ’80s sounds from rock purists, it should be noted that the basic guitar/bass/drums lineup of rock is almost 25 years older than the catchy keyboard lines and electronic drums making the music here. That such a sound would eventually become ubiquitous during the Reagan years, spawning lots of crud along the way, means the band should no more be held to blame for that than Motown and the Beatles for inspiring lots of bad stuff in the ’60s. Credit for the album’s success has to go to main songwriter Vince Clarke, who would extend and arguably perfect the synth pop formula with Yazoo and Erasure; the classic early singles “New Life,” “Dreaming of Me,” and “Just Can’t Get Enough,” along with numbers ranging from the slyly homoerotic “Pretty Boy” to the moody thumper “Photographic,” keep everything moving throughout. David Gahan undersings about half the album, and Martin Gore’s two numbers lack the distinctiveness of his later work, but Speak & Spell remains an undiluted joy.~~ AllMusic Review by Ned Raggett


01. New Life
02. I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead
03. Puppets
04. Boys Say Go!
05. Nodisco
06. What’s Your Name?
07. Photographic
08. Tora! Tora! Tora!
09. Big Muff
10. Any Second Now (voices)
11. Just Can’t Get Enough
12. Dreaming Of Me



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