Yes – Close To The Edge (1972/2013) [High Fidelity Pure Audio Blu-Ray Disc]

Yes – Close To The Edge (1972/2013) [High Fidelity Pure Audio Blu-Ray Disc]
Blu-Ray: LPCM 2.0 & 5.1 24bit/96(192)kHz and DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 24bit/48kHz | 21 GB
FLAC: 2.0 Stereo | Tracks 24bit/96kHz(192) – 5,46 GB; Includes Extras | Complete Scans – 177 MB

A new edition of the progressive rock masterpiece from 1972, the first in a series of Yes albums to get the deluxe remix treatment. Featuring new stereo and 5.1 surround sound mixes by Steven Wilson from the original multitrack reels, a flat transfer of the original stereo mix, instrumental mixes, and other bonus material. Presented in a mini vinyl replica gatefold card sleeve with booklet featuring new sleeve notes by Sid Smith, along with rare photos and archive material, the album has been mixed for 5.1 Surround Sound from the original studio masters by Steven Wilson and is fully approved by Yes.

When Yes entered the studio with Eddie Offord to record the band’s fifth studio album in mid-1972, their second with this line-up, the band was on something of a roll. “Fragile”, the band’s previous album, had taken Yes to a new level of international popularity with Top Ten chart placement on both sides of the Atlantic & yielding a hit single in the USA with ‘Roundabout’. The band was now established in the major music markets to an extent that was, perhaps, unexpected given the complexity of the music Yes performed. But with that popularity came a confidence that the expansive material of the two previous albums could be taken a stage further with the new recording. Rather than consolidating, Yes chose to innovate.

Recorded during lengthy sessions at London’s Advision Studios, “Close to the Edge” is that rarity in recorded music, the sound of a band & its individual members writing, playing and recording at the peak of their collective abilities. The album was issued in Autumn 1972 reaching chart highs & platinum sales status of 4 in the UK, 3 in the USA & 1 in Holland, though such statistics only hint at the worldwide popularity of the album over a period of more than four decades. The three pieces of music, the title track which spanned the entire first side of the vinyl album with ‘And You And I’ & ‘Siberian Khatru’ on side two, have remained concert favourites since release, with the 2013 Yes line-up currently in the middle of a world tour stretching into the middle of next year that sees the album performed in its entirety.

The album remains the favourite among many of the band’s legion of fans, a defining recording both for the band & for the progressive rock movement. It is also one of the most successful British rock albums ever released.

Since this release of “Close to the Edge” was confirmed, the various websites dedicated to Yes, Progressive rock & high-resolution audio have been very active with discussions among fans keen to hear the new mixes & the existing material in its purest audio presentation.

Blu-Ray content:

2013 Surround Mixes (LPCM 5.1 – 24/96)

01. Close To The Edge (5.1 Surround Mix) [18:41]02. And You And I (5.1 Surround Mix) [10:13]03. Siberian Khatru (5.1 Surround Mix) [8:58]04. America (5.1 Surround Mix) [10:37]

2013 Stereo Mixes (24/96)
01. Close To The Edge (2013 Stereo Mix) [18:41]02. And You And I (2013 Stereo Mix) [10:13]03. Siberian Khatru (2013 Stereo Mix) [8:58]04. America (2013 Stereo Mix) [10:37]

2013 Stereo Instrumental Mixes (24/96)
01. Close To The Edge (2013 Stereo Instrumental Mix) [18:41]02. And You And I (2013 Stereo Instrumental Mix) [10:13]03. Siberian Khatru (2013 Stereo Instrumental Mix) [8:58]04. America (2013 Stereo Instrumental Mix) [10:37]

Single Versions & Edits (24/96)
01. Total Mass Retain (Single Edit) [3:26]02. And You And I (Promo Single Edit, Mono) [3:30]03. And You And I (Promo Single Edit, Stereo) [3:30]04. America (Single Version) [4:21]

Alternate Album (24/96)
01. Close To The Edge (Early assembly/Rough mix) [17:41]02. And You And I (Alternate version) [10:17]03. Siberian (Studio run-through of Siberian Khatru) [9:23]

UK Vinyl Transfer – A1/B1 UK Vinyl Needle-drop Transfer (24/96)
01. Close To The Edge (UK Vinyl Transfer) [18:33]02. And You And I (UK Vinyl Transfer) [10:08]03. Siberian Khatru (UK Vinyl Transfer) [9:00]

Original Stereo Mixes – Flat transfer from Original master (24/192)
01. Close To The Edge (Original Stereo Mix) [18:47]02. And You And I (Original Stereo Mix) [10:14]03. Siberian Khatru (Original Stereo Mix) [9:06]04. America (Original Mix) [10:33]

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Blu-ray to Hi-Res FLAC Stereo:


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