The Kinks – Preservation Act 2 (1974) [Remastered 2004] SACD ISO + Hi-Res FLAC

The Kinks – Preservation Act 2 (1974) [Remastered 2004]
PS3 Rip | ISO | SACD DSD64 2.0 > 1-bit/2.8224 MHz | Scans included | 3.13 GB
SACD-ISO PS3 Rip to FLAC 2.0 | 24 bit / 88,2 kHz | 77:04 min | Scans included | 1,54 GB

Ray Davies released the “song” songs from Preservation — the character sketches, the wry observations, the lovely ballads — on the first record (or “Act”) of the musical drama, leaving the narrative for Preservation, Act 2, a double album released six months after its companion. Simply put, the record is a mess, an impenetrable jumble of story, theater, instrumentals, “announcements,” unfinished ideas, guest singers, and, on occasion, a song or two. There may have been a workable theatrical production hidden somewhere in Preservation, but it was utterly lost on record (reportedly it was better live), due in no small part to how it was unevenly divided, a practice that revealed Davies’ lack of realized songs for the project, plus his unfinished story. It was later revealed that Ray was at the end of his rope during the making of Preservation — he would have a breakdown during its supporting tour — so, perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise that the album doesn’t work on its own. Nevertheless, it is remarkable that he was in such a fog, that he didn’t realize that “Slum Kids,” a staple in the Preservation shows and a concert favorite throughout the ’70s, was the best rocker he penned for the project and left it off both records. Thankfully, it was added as a bonus track to VelVel’s 1999 reissue of the album, improving the quality of the album considerably. The single version of “Mirror of Love” was added as a second bonus track to this edition, as well.  ~~ AllMusic Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine


01. Announcement
02. Introduction to Solution
03. When a Solution Comes
04. Money Talks
05. Announcement
06. Shepherds of the Nation
07. Scum of the Earth
08. Second-Hand Car Spiv
09. He’s Evil
10. Mirror of Love
11. Announcement
12. Nobody Gives
13. Oh Where Oh Where is Love?
14. Flash’s Dream (The Final Elbow)
15. Flash’s Confession
16. Nothing Lasts Forever
17. Announcement
18. Artificial Man
19. Scrapheap City
20. Announcement
21. Salvation Road
22. Mirror of Love
23. Slum Kids (Take 1)



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