Various Artists – Stockfisch Records – Closer To The Music Vol.4 (2011) SACD ISO

Various Artists – Stockfisch Records – Closer To The Music Vol.4 (2011)
PS3 Rip | ISO | SACD DSD64 2.0 > 1-bit/2.8224 MHz | 01:13:12 minutes | 2,94 GB
Genre: Country Blues, Jazz, Folk | Label: Stockfisch Records

closer to the music Vol.4 offers more than 73 minutes of musical highlights to get in first touch with Stockfisch artists as well as sound and/or just for enjoyable listening:

„I fell in awe in front of the swift charms of this compilation, a collection of highly enjoyable pearls from the Stockfisch catalogue. The artistic excellence and the stupefying tonal quality of the ensemble will make it a gourmet´s choice for any soundsystem …“ There were so many positive and even enthusiastic feedbacks on our „closer to the music“ compilations volume 1 to 3, that we decided to release Vol.4 in 2011.

Closer To The Music Vol.4
And again this 4th compilation offers both a selection from current releases and presentations of artists and albums that will be released by Stockfisch Records in the next months.

Belonging to these forecasts you can hear two tracks from the new Paul Stephenson album, who already had recorded two CDs for Stockfisch. Furthermore one song by Zebra Sommerwind, the trio around Fiedelmichel-doyen Thomas Kagermann, featuring German (folk-)songs in contemporary arrangements. Also we are pleased to presentate the German singer Katja Werker with her version of the „Karat“ classic „Über sieben Brücken musst du gehen“, one of twelve songs she recorded for her new CD. A Stockfisch fellow guitarist from the early years flew over from the US to visit Northeim, Ralf Illenberger (formerly playing with Martin Kolbe). He recorded his solo guitar album with Günter Pauler to be released in 2011.

Introducing the new available albums: Allan Taylor with two songs from the Porsche/Burmester session, Paul O´Brien, the Irish-melancholic songwriter from Canada, the wonderful new CD „Pretty Blue“ sung by David Munyon, furthermore beautiful instrumental music for relaxing, written and played by pianist Michael Schlierf, ingenious arrangements of Chick Corea´s Children´s Songs by Blue Chamber Quartet – and an exclusive recoding with American singer/songwriter Mckinley Black: „My Diamond Mine“.


01. Taylor, Allan “Let The Music Flow”
02. Taylor, Allan “Midnight Call”
03. Black, McKinley “My Diamond Mine”
04. Black, McKinley “All I Need”
05. Stephenson, Paul “Rainy Day Man”
06. Stephenson, Paul “Back Where You Belong”
07. Ruffolo, Eugene “Baby It’s Cold Outside”
08. Munyon, David “I Want Your Love”
09. Munyon, David “Hollywood Town”
10. Paul O’Brien & Uli Kringler Trio “Madrona”
11. O’Brien, Paul “Without A Trace”
12. Werker, Katja “Über Sieben Brücken Musst Du Gehn”
13. Sommerwind, Zebra “Es Sass Ein Klein Wild Vögelein”
14. Schlierf, Michael “Hickory (The Southern Caress)”
15. Illenberger, Ralf “Light Wave”
16. Illenberger, Ralf “Falling Down”
17. Blue Chamber Quartet “Chrildren’s Song No. 16”
18. Blue Chamber Quartet “Chrildren’s Song No. 6”


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