Omnibus Wind Ensemble – Music By Frank Zappa (2001) MCH SACD ISO + Hi-Res FLAC

Omnibus Wind Ensemble – Music By Frank Zappa (2001)
SACD ISO (2.0/MCH): 2,93 GB | 24B/88,2kHz Stereo FLAC: 1,06 GB | Full Artwork
Label/Cat#: OPUS 3 # CD 19423 | Country/Year: Sweden 2001 | 3% Recovery Info
Genre: Rock, Classical | Style: Crossover, Wind Music

The Omnibus Wind Ensemble’s interest in Frank Zappa’s music dates back to the beginning of the 1980s, almost from their very beginnings. Under the motto “From Mozart to Zappa”, which also became the title of their 1st, widely acclaimed CD on the Opus3 label, they have had many of Frank Zappa’s compositions in their repertoire over the years. This Multi-Channel SACD contains 14 tracks of the music of Frank Zappa.

The music of Frank Zappa has always defied classification, & those who have not studied it closely perhaps do not realize how much jazz & classical music it contains. (Zappa composed a percussion piece when he was only 15!) Arguably, Frank Zappa is 1 of this century’s most interesting composers & perhaps the best kept musical secret in the USA.

This Omnibus SACD “Music By Frank Zappa” is a grand tour of his music – from the beautiful “Peaches En Regalia”, the highly complex “Revised Music For A Low Budget Orchestra”, the outstandingly humorous “Brown Shoes Don’t Make It” to the jazz-bluesy introduction etc. of “Inca Roads”, with all the fireworks that follow it! The disc ends with a piece which was not written by Frank Zappa, namely Maurice Ravel’s “Bolero” here in a big-band-influenced special arrangement inspired by Zappa’s own version from 1988. Classical, Jazz or Rock!?

“For a long time now, this excellent chamber orchestra from Uppsala has been presenting its own arrangements of Zappa’s music. On this CD they are better than ever. Zappa’s boundary-breaking music combines elements of jazz, Latin, rock & western art music with humor, irony & a wealth of imagination. And sometimes with total beauty of harmony & melody. Omnibus, combining complicated arrangements with virtuoso elegance, is able to put all the pieces together in a very attractive manner. This recording, with its perfect sound picture, should create opportunities for a wider international launch than any of the group’s earlier records have had. Zappa himself would probably have been very impressed with these interpretations.” (Hifi & Musik)

BRAVO!!! Brilliant recording of difficult works by American genius, Frank Zappa. There is also a very goofy arrangement of Ravel’s Bolero to finish the disc.
If you are interested in great performances of Frank Zappa’s music (which, by the way, was honored by none other than Pierre Boulez as 1 of the American composers he chose to conduct & record on other labels), get this disc. The music & performances capture all of Zappa’s mercurial genius & wit. This repertoire is not for everyone, but the Omnibus Wind Ensemble is nothing short of phenomenal in its virtuosity with this music. There is a disc of the Ensemble Modern playing live the works for player piano by Conlon Nancarrow that approaches the level of instrumental/ensemble virtuosity heard on this disc. The recording is first rate!


01. Inca Roads
02. How Could I Be Such a Fool?
03. Revised Music for a Low Budget Orchestra
04. Let’s Make the Water Turn Black
05. Black Page, No. 2
06. No. 7
07. Igor’s Boogie
08. Be-Bop Tango
09. Alien Orifice
10. Dog Breath Variations
11. Uncle Meat
12. Sinister Footwear, 2nd Movement
13. Brown Shoes Don’t Make It
14. Peaches en Regalia
15. Bolero

Sarah Lindloff (flute, soprano saxophone, baritone saxophone, vibraphone, marimba, glockenspiel, xylophone, cymbals, temple bell);
Per Erik Adamsson (flute, castanets, cowbells, cymbals, tambourine, temple blocks, tom tom, vibraslap).
Recording information: 06/1994-06/1995.
Photographer: Jan-Eric Persson.
Arranger: Per Erik Adamsson.

The musicians involved are clearly listed, track by track, in the booklet.

This is a great CD for Zappa fans, particularly fans of his classical music. The OWE is entirely winds, brass & percussion (OK, & string bass)…… Great job by a diverse group.



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