Nat King Cole – St. Louis Blues (1958) [APO Remaster 2011] SACD ISO

Nat King Cole – St. Louis Blues (1958) [APO Remaster 2011]
PS3 Rip | SACD ISO | DST64 2.0 & 3.0 > 1-bit/2.8224 MHz | 65:41/32:58 mins | Scans included | 2,00 GB

The filmed version of W.C. Handy’s life, St. Louis Blues, is a fictional abomination full of every bad cliché that Hollywood could come up with. Its one saving grace was the dignified performance given by Nat King Cole in the lead role (even if Handy was never a singing pianist). This LP, in addition to featuring Nelson Riddle’s “Overture” from the film, finds Cole singing ten of Handy’s finest compositions (including “Beale Street Blues,” “Careless Love” and the title song) while backed by an orchestra playing Riddle’s arrangements.


01. Overture, Love Theme, Hesitation Blues
02. Harlem Blues
03. Chantez Les Bas
04. Friendless Blues
05. Stay
06. Joe Turner’s Blues
07. Beale Street Blues
08. Careless Love
09. Morning Star
10. Memphis Blues
11. Yellow Dog Blues
12. St. Louis Blues
13. Overture, Love Theme, Hesitation Blues
14. Harlem Blues
15. Chantez Les Bas
16. Friendless Blues
17. Stay
18. Joe Turner’s Blues
19. Beale Street Blues
20. Careless Love
21. Morning Star
22. Memphis Blues
23. Yellow Dog Blues
24. St. Louis Blues

Tracks “12-24” presented in 2 channels only.


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