Tony Levin, David Torn, Alan White – Levin Torn White (2011/2014) MCH SACD ISO

Tony Levin, David Torn, Alan White – Levin Torn White (2011/2014)
PS3 Rip | SACD ISO | DST64 5.1 > 1-bit/2.8224 MHz | Run Time: 55:15 | 2,37 GB
Progressive Rock, Fusion | Lazy Bones Recordings

Instrumental progressive rock album “Levin Torn White” is the kind of complex, intelligent, and experimental album that makes journeys into the genre rewarding and surprising. “Levin Torn White” is composed of Tony Levin on bass guitar and chapman stick, David Torn on guitar, and Alan White playing drums. On opening track “No Warning Lights”, the calm, unfamiliar background noise gives way to a frantic drum and bass assault that sounds like the Space Mountain ride hurtling to hell. Tracks such as “Ultra Mullett” have an electronic, futuristic pulse that recalls the type of aggressive ambient work Brian Eno created on albums including “Spinner” with Jah Wobble and last year’s “Small Craft on a Milk Sea” with Jon Hopkins. “Convergence” and other tracks have a more meditative and moody atmosphere. Most of the 14 songs on “Levin Torn White” have sudden shifts in tempo and rhythm. Songs like “Prom Night of the Centipede” hurl forward only to abruptly slow down and speed up again. The sudden changes in speed and how carefully they are handled are a testament to the dexterity and skill of these three expert musicians. “Levin Torn White” is a rich, textured instrumental album, and a fine addition to any prog rock fan’s music collection.


01. No Warning Lights
02. Ultra Mullet
03. White Noise
04. The Hood Fell
05. Monkey Mind
06. Cheese It the Corpse
07. Convergence
08. Pillowfull of Dark Dreams
09. The Egg Man Comith
10. Sleeping Horse
11. Prom Night of the Centipedes
12. Crunch Time
13. Brain Tattoo
14. Lights Out


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