Art Of Noise – Daft (1984) [Reissue 2003] MCH SACD ISO + Hi-Res FLAC

Art Of Noise – Daft (1984) [Reissue 2003]
SACD ISO (2.0/MCH): 4,07 GB | 24B/88,2kHz Stereo FLAC: 1,11 GB | Artwork | 3% Recovery Info
Label/Cat#: ZTT # ZTT184SACD | Country/Year: UK 2003, 1984
Genre: Electronica | Style: Leftfield, Synth-pop, Experimental

I think I own about every version of this album that was ever released, from the first Art of Noise EP “Into battle” (featured almost completely on “Daft”) which I bought on vinyl when it came out till the 20th anniversary CD on Repertoire that came with a DVD with some of AON’s groundbreaking videos early 2004.
“Daft” is my 2nd SACD and although I thought I knew every little “boing”, “duh” and other sound effect on the album, it surprised me what a difference the additional channels make. The music is litteraly all around you, the effects come from everywhere and if you close your eyes the album is like a roller coaster ride.
“Close (to the Edit)” and “Beat Box” are still the stand-out tracks, “Moments in Love” is still the only AON track in the entire AON catalogue that sounds outdated, but what a wonderful edition the SACD version is.
Blessed are the noisemakers.


1 Love 6:59
2 A Time For Feat (Who’s Afraid) 4:46
3 Beat Box (Diversion 1) 8:29
4 The Army Now 2:03
5 Donna 1:45
6 Memento 2:12
7 How To Kill 2:43
8 Realisation 1:41
9 Who’s Afraid (Of The Art Of Noise) 4:21
10 Moments In Love 10:16
11 Bright Noise 0:06
12 Flesh In Armour 1:24
13 Comes And Goes 1:19
14 Snapshot 2:33
15 Close (To The Edit) 5:35
16 (Three Fingers Of) Love 4:41

Compilation of tracks from the “Into Battle” albumette, “Who’s Afraid Of The Art Of Noise” album and “Moments In Love” 12″ single.

Produced by Art Of Noise: Gary Langan, Anne Dudley, J.J. Jeczalik. Trevor Horn thumbed along.
SACD Executive Producer Trevor Horn.



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