Russian National Orchestra, Mikhail Pletnev – Tchaikovsky: Symphony No.1 (2011) MCH SACD ISO + Hi-Res FLAC

Russian National Orchestra, Mikhail Pletnev – Tchaikovsky: Symphony No.1 (2011)
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The genre of the symphony played a major role throughout the creative life of Pyotr Tchaikovsky. He composed his 1st symphony at the age of 26, & his 6th & last symphony – the Pathйtique – in 1893, the year in which he died. Whereas his 3 last symphonies have remained an integral part of the concert repertoire, performances of his 1st 3 symphonies are still quite rare. Unfairly so, as they are unique individual works, artistic expressions of a high quality. Tchaikovsky defined the symphony as “the most lyrical of musical forms. After all, is it not meant to express that for which there are no words, but which forces itself out of the soul, impatiently waiting to be uttered?”. With these words, Tchaikovsky makes us aware of the special nature of his symphonies. Primarily, they provided him with a musical outlet for the elaboration of his emotions, his mental & spiritual processes. Probably the greatest error as far as the reception of Tchaikovsky’s symphonies is concerned, is that the subjectivity of his symphonic sound world, the sweet mellifluousness of 1 melody or another confused & irritated the judgment of the academics to the same degree in which these musical characteristics met, by contrast, with euphoric approval from a wide-ranging audience. After all, especially in German-speaking countries, his music was unjustly stamped as follows: “Beware! Sensitive, sloppy sentiment!”. But Tchaikovsky absolutely did not want to get involved in an academic game with empty notes. And rightly so.


Symphony No. 1 in G Minor, Op. 13 (1866, revised 1874) “Winter Daydreams”
1. I. Daydreams on a winter journey – Allegro tranquillo 13.19
2. II. Land of desolation, land of mists – Adagio cantabile ma non tanto 11.43
3. III. Scherzo – Allegro scherzando giocoso 7.23
4. IV. Finale – Andante lugubre – Allegro moderato – Allegro maestoso – Andante lugubre – Allegro vivo 13.14
5. Marche Slave (Slavonic March), Op. 31 (1876) 9.15

Russian National Orchestra
Mikhail Pletnev – conductor
Alexei Bruni – concertmaster

Polyhymnia DSD recording

Produced by Job Maarse



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