Murray Perahia – Bach: Goldberg Variations (2000) SACD ISO + Hi-Res FLAC

Murray Perahia – Bach: Goldberg Variations (2000)
Murray Perahia plays the Goldberg Variations of Johann Sebastian Bach, in a recording which has received much critical acclaim.

With all the fuss that is currently and justifiably being made about the late Glenn Gould’s two historically important readings of the Goldberg Variations—it was Gould who rescued the work from the museum—it is easy to forget that other pianists can breathe life into them. Since his recovery from a hand injury, Murray Perahia has been exploring Bach’s keyboard works, to critical and commercial acclaim. No, this set of 30 imaginative variations on the “Fundamental Bass” of the Aria that bookends them was not written for the piano, but Perahia’s delicacy of touch, subtle use of dynamic shadings, clarity of line in the canons and Fughetta, and effortless virtuosity demonstrate that the anachronistic instrument doesn’t have to overpower the music within the notes. The sound is close, with the sound of Perahia’s fingernails on the Steinway’s keys occasionally clatteringly clear, but the music is not the worse for it. The SACD, which appears to be mastered from a 24-bit original, sounds simply better.  ~~ From 2003 Records to Die For at Stereophile


1. Aria
2. Variation 1
3. Variation 2
4. Variation 3. Canon on the unison
5. Variation 4
6. Variation 5
7. Variation 6. Canon on the second
8. Variation 7
9. Variation 8
10. Variation 9. Canon on the third
11. Variation 10. Fughetta
12. Variation 11
13. Variation 12. Canon on the fourth
14. Variation 13
15. Variation 14
16. Variation 15. Canon on the fifth
17. Variation 16. Overture
18. Variation 17
19. Variation 18. Canon on the sixth
20. Variation 19
21. Variation 20
22. Variation 21. Canon on the Seventh
23. Variation 22
24. Variation 23
25. Variation 24. Canon on the Octave
26. Variation 25
27. Variation 26
28. Variation 27. Canon on the ninth
29. Variation 28
30. Variation 29
31. Variation 30. Quodlibet
32. Aria da Capo


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