Emily Palen – Glass: Live at Grace Cathedral (2012) DSF DSD64

Emily Palen – Glass: Live at Grace Cathedral (2012)
DSF Stereo DSD64/2.82MHz  | Time – 00:50:45 minutes | 2,0 GB | Genre: Classical
Source: valencerecords.downloadsnow.net | ©  Valence Records

Glass is an album of complete on the spot improvisations. My only intention was to be honest. The Inevitability of Water title was intuited and remains my favorite. To claim I can explain its meaning would probably cut it short but it points to the base, essential nature of water. Water is primal to our makeup, to our planet. Its gentle and relentless quality is unmatched by any other substance. Water is life as is love. Perhaps water and love are the same.

Valentine’s Day 2012, marked the debut release of solo violinist and improvisational virtuoso, Emily Palen, on Valence Records. The album called “Glass” was recorded over two nights at San Francisco’s famed Grace Cathedral. Artist, instrument and environment become one in this extraordinary and historic recording that was captured by an award winning team of recording engineers and meant to please music enthusiasts of all ages. What might seem like a strange combination of music genres is what makes Palen’s music special. Her classical training combined with her love of heavy rock creates a uniquely personal sound for the young violinist. Behind the scenes was an experienced crew from Blue Coast Records and Super Audio Center who put together an audiophile remote recording studio that made use of the latest and most advanced digital recording technology called DSD (Direct Stream Digital). Some feel this is the finest recording of a violin available. Palen began her musical career at the age of 4 under the guidance of her mother, a cellist and violin teacher. In 2008 she won a contest that led to performing a Foo Fighter’s song on the Grammy stage that has received more than 1.2 million YouTube views. Released on Hybrid SACD, “Glass” can be purchased at Valence Records as a disc or high resolution downloads. “Glass” has already become popular with the audiophile community for its top notch sound. The album is used in demonstrations to show the fine nuances in speakers such as Sony’s AR1 and other top of the line systems.


1 Glass [4:36]
2 Reckoning [4:12]
3 Light in the Fracture [5:02]
4 My Scarlet River [1:45]
5 The Inevitability of Water [7:07]
6 5 on Fury [1:42]
7 My Love [6:59]
8 The Studious Destruction of Everything I’ve Known [6:06]
9 The Path [3:51]
10 My Heart’s Chamber [6:12]
11 Chrysocolla [3:04]

Recorded live at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco by Cookie Marenco using Extended Sound Environment (E.S.E.)
Mixed & Mastered by Cookie Marenco at OTR Studios, Belmont, CA




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