Various Artists – 17th Annual Blues Masters at the Crossroads – 6 Performance Collection (2015) DSF DSD64 + Hi-Res FLAC

Various Artists – 17th Annual Blues Masters at the Crossroads – 6 Performance Collection (2015)
DSF Stereo DSD64/2.82MHz | Time – 05:23:57 minutes | 12,7 GB | Genre: Blues
FLAC Stereo (tracks) 24-bit/88,2 kHz | Time – 05:23:57 minutes | 6,02 GB
Studio Masters, Official Digital Download – Source: AcousticSounds | Front Cover | © APO Records

“The recording quality is exceptional, crystal clear, and sits you front and center for the full concert sound. DSD is a great format for live music and for those DSD naysayers I say take a listen to Live At The Crossroads in DSD and hear for yourself why so many people enjoy DSD.” – Michael Lavorgna, Audio Stream

Blues Masters at the Crossroads. Produced by Acoustic Sounds, a global audience returns year-after-year to worship the blues at Blue Heaven Studios in Salina, Kansas. For the first time we’re presenting six sets recorded live in 2014 at Blues Masters at the Crossroads Oct. 17-18. And it’s the first live blues concert recorded entirely in Direct Stream Digital (DSD)!

Here’s the whole kettle of spicy musical gumbo, the world-class collection of all the sets recorded at the October 2014 Blues Masters at the Crossroads concert at Blue Heaven Studios.

Chad Kassem, Acoustic Sounds’ founder, head salesman, record producer, and a man obsessed with everything music, has for 17 years brought the best roots music — blues, Zydeco, swamp pop and old-style soul he fell in love with growing up in Lafayette, La. — to the middle of the country, Salina, Kansas. Now in your listening room you can hear sets by Rip Lee Pryor, Moreland & Arbuckle, Joe Beard+Lazy Lester, George Brock, Marquise Knox and his band, Sonny Green, and none-other than the soul-blues belter Mighty Sam McClain!
From around the world, fans return to Blue Heaven Studios in Salina year-after-year for this historic event. Blues aficionados flock because the lineup each year boasts real-deal legends. Fans of the arts come for the unique setting, a 91-year-old sanctuary flanked by massive wooden timbers and soaring plaster arches. Audiophiles rave about the sound quality.

The acoustics are such in our converted combination concert hall and recording studio that every detail and nuance can be heard perfectly with minimal reinforcement.

This is music without peer: Blues mud and jam band rhythm; gospel and blues meets Memphis soul; sizzling harp; fresh, confident songwriting; powerful old-style soul, and more! First-class musicianship – a great horn section, intricate guitar work, soaring vocals. It’s all here and it’s all together for one price.
If you’ve ever been to the Blues Masters show, these tracks will release fond memories. If you haven’t, treat yourself to the live audience experience. And come visit us this October. We’re excited to see you!


1. Rip Lee Pryor – Introduction
2. Rip Lee Pryor – Crazy ‘Bout You, Baby
3. Rip Lee Pryor – Hold Me In Your Arms
4. Rip Lee Pryor – Nobody But Me
5. Rip Lee Pryor – Pitch A Boogie Woogie
6. Rip Lee Pryor – Lonesome
7. Rip Lee Pryor – One Way Out
8. Rip Lee Pryor – Keep It To Yourself
9. Rip Lee Pryor – You Gotta Move
10. Rip Lee Pryor – Sloppy Drunk
11. Moreland & Arbuckle – Wrong I Do
12. Moreland & Arbuckle – Red Moon Rising
13. Moreland & Arbuckle – Can’t Leave Well Enough Alone
14. Moreland & Arbuckle – Don’t Wake Me
15. Moreland & Arbuckle – Quivira
16. Moreland & Arbuckle – Mount Comfort
17. Moreland & Arbuckle – 18 Counties
18. Moreland & Arbuckle – Juke
19. Moreland & Arbuckle – Mona
20. Moreland & Arbuckle – Legend of John Henry
21. Joe Beard – Introductions
22. Joe Beard – Reap What You Sow
23. Joe Beard – When I Get Drunk
24. Lazy Lester – Blues Stop Knockin’
25. Lazy Lester – Patrol Blues
26. Big George Brock – Instrumental Introducion
27. Big George Brock – Two Trains Running
28. Big George Brock – Killing Floor
29. Big George Brock – Hoochie Coochie Man
30. Big George Brock – You Don’t Have To Go
31. Marquise Knox Band – Walking The Dog
32. Marquise Knox Band – No Difference In You And I
33. Marquise Knox Band – Shake That Thing
34. Marquise Knox Band – Throwing Away The Key
35. Marquise Knox Band – Spoken Intro
36. Marquise Knox Band – Clock On The Wall
37. Marquise Knox Band – Feel Like Going Home
38. Marquise Knox Band – I’m Getting Wiser Every Day
39. Marquise Knox Band – Me And Myself Alone
40. Marquise Knox Band – The Thrill Is Gone
41. Joe Beard – Introduction
42. Joe Beard – New York Woman
43. Joe Beard – Where Can You Be
44. Joe Beard & Lazy Lester – No More Cherry Rose
45. Joe Beard & Lazy Lester – You’re Something Else
46. Lazy Lester – Nothing But The Devil
47. Lazy Lester – My Home Is A Prison
48. Lazy Lester – Ya-Ya
49. Sonny Green – Introduction
50. Sonny Green – Instrumental Introduction
51. Sonny Green – Sonny Green Spoken Intro
52. Sonny Green – That’s The Way Love Is
53. Sonny Green – Stormy Monday
54. Sonny Green – St. James Infirmary
55. Sonny Green – I’ll Take Care Of You
56. Sonny Green – Further On Up The Road
57. Sonny Green – Ain’t That Loving You
58. Sonny Green – Down Home Blues
59. Mighty Sam McClain – Introduction
60. Mighty Sam McClain – Witness
61. Mighty Sam McClain – Why Do We Have to Say Goodbye
62. Mighty Sam McClain – Don’t Wanna Be
63. Mighty Sam McClain – Real Thing
64. Mighty Sam McClain – Please Mr. Foreman
65. Mighty Sam McClain – Respect Yourself
66. Mighty Sam McClain – Thank You
67. Mighty Sam McClain with Sonnny Green – The Thrill Is Gone



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